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New Release: Rails 4.1, New book: Operating System Development with SQL on Rails

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Released Apr 1, 2006

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“Every single one of my renowned coding
achievements has been secretly stolen from
the source code to SQL on Rails.”
-Linus Torvalds, Inventor of the Operating System

What's in
the package?

Rails is a short-stack framework for developing database-contained web applications according to the Model-Model-Model pattern. From the Ajax in the model, to the request and response in the model, to the domain model wrapping the database, Rails gives you a pure-SQL development environment. Finally!


Who is developing
using Rails?

Everyone from startups to non-profits to tyrannical governments are using Rails. Rails is all about RDBMSs so it's a perfect fit for absolutely every type of web application, be it software for organized crime collusion, pornographic content distribution, torrent tracking, or even social networking. Examples:

Kitten Carriers

Kitten Carriers: A skydiving service for your feline friend.

Weasel Cheese

Weasel Cheese: Sellers of succulent Mustelidae dairy delights.


FansofThumbs.com: Social networking for lovers of our most opposable digit. (Recently acquired for $1.3b.)

Chevy Checkers

Chevy Checkers: Discuss checkers strategy and aftermarket superchargers with fellow enthusiasts.


What else
do I need?

Rails works with a wealth of web servers. For the best available web server, it is recommended that you purchase Mulligan Inc's SQL/Rails Webserver™ product; it runs this site, as well as most other prominent framework deployments. If you must use an free alternative, NCSA Httpd is the obvious choice.

For your database, MySQL is the only stable option for SQL on Rails at the moment--the development team decided to tackle the gold standard first. However, work is underway to add support for a few more databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle™, SQL Server™, DB2™, Firebird™, Fox Pro™, FileMaker Pro™, Lotus Approach™, XML™, Ingres, Sybase™, Informix™, GNU™ gdbm, Oracle Berkeley DB™, and Microsoft Excel™. Just about any operating system will do, but we recommend one with Minesweeper.

If you need hosting, ask around.

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